I developed avascular necrosis of femoral head due to which I was unable walk without pain. I went into a phase of depression but then I met Dr. Romil Rathi. He advised me bilateral hip replacement. Initially I was scared of surgery but Dr. Romil helped me gain confidence and operated my both hip joints. it’s been 1 year now. And I am doing all my daily activities without pain. Me and my family are very happy that we met Dr. Romil Rathi at right time.

I was unable to walk and sit cross legged since 5 years due to severe pain in my knee. I tried all sort of treatments for it but nothing worked out. Sometimes I used to cry just because of pain. Dr. Romil Rathi advised me total knee replacement surgery and made me understand the advantages of surgery. After thinking for few weeks I underwent surgery. I can walk and sit cross legged without any difficulty now. It also helped me reduce my obesity and heart problem as well.