I developed avascular necrosis of femoral head due to which I was unable walk without pain. I went into a phase of depression but then I met Dr. Romil Rathi. He advised me bilateral hip replacement. Initially I was scared of surgery but Dr. Romil helped me gain confidence and operated my both hip joints. it’s been 1 year now. And I am doing all my daily activities without pain. Me and my family are very happy that we met Dr. Romil Rathi at right time.

I was unable to walk and sit cross legged since 5 years due to severe pain in my knee. I tried all sort of treatments for it but nothing worked out. Sometimes I used to cry just because of pain. Dr. Romil Rathi advised me total knee replacement surgery and made me understand the advantages of surgery. After thinking for few weeks I underwent surgery. I can walk and sit cross legged without any difficulty now. It also helped me reduce my obesity and heart problem as well.

I visited Dr. Rathi to examine my father’s knee problem on 17th August 2018, Dr. Rathi is very open and talk in easy to understand language if you are a laymen. I was impressed with his diagnosis as he pin pointed the problematic area for my father’s knee problem in initial 15 minutes. What we have misunderstood as the problem of Knees turned out to be problem of lumber spine L3, L4, and L5. He recommended initial X-RAY in which things were not clear so he suggested to go for MRI. To advise other patients, process of MRI is time consuming (4-6 hours) in Nagpur city if you want to save money. Dr. Rathi generally recommends the cost saving MRI center, however, if you are running out of time, my advise discuss this with Dr. Rathi and go to another MRI center,however, charges are high there. Post MRI, Dr. Rathi examined all the scans closely and recommended there is no need of operation, we will first try to give medicine to understand whether pain is in control or not. He provided 15 days medication and to tell other patients my father is in lot of relief with medication itself on today 05th September 2018. We will be visiting him again for routine checkup. The thing stands out for Dr. Rathi is his knowledge about his practise, his openness to listen out patients problem completely, his calm personality ( i was not happy with MRI center, but he tried to answer me in a pragmatic manner). I will surely recommend him to any person if you are looking out for a good Hip and Knee Joint Replacement specialist in Nagpur city.

Suggestion to other people who are suffering from Lumber Spine or Knee pain – Try not to do any heavy lifting, no exercise where you have to bend down. Avoid any yoga pose where bending of the back is required, Consult a doctor as soon as possible.

I wanted to write this review post seeing the results of diagnosis and prognosis , hence i published this review post completion of complete medical cycle.

Swapnil Yadav

Dr Romil is very knowledgeable and gives genuine opinion. Went there for my grandmothers age old knee pain. I am very much satisfied with the treatment too… my grandmother feels much much better finally

I was beyond impressed with my experience at the clinic and they had quite impressive treatment with proper guidance!!

Extremely great experience… He has THE best hands in surgery… All the patients I referred are happy.

Dr. Romil Rathi is excellent Surgeon and very polite person.He operated my both knees are absolutely fine and I am doing all my activities without any problem. I really thanking you for this great job done by you.