Nirmala Chamorshikar

My sister got her knee operation done from Dr .Romil Rathi From the first meeting itself he was sweet and very clear. He told us all the details about the operation, the procedure, the materials he is going to use, the time it will take for healing etc very patiently. My sister had been delaying the surgery because she was scared of getting operated. After meeting him, she felt so comfortable that she instantly got ready to do the knee replacement with him. Post the operation he was always available on call. We had so many small concerns and I ended up calling him quite a few times, sometimes late in the night as well. He would always answer the call and solve all our queries patiently. It’s very rare that a surgeon at his level who is always so busy takes such kind of personal interest in the patients well being. He was very kind, empathetic and encouraging. My sister felt half her illness was gone just by talking to him. We had been to few doctors before we got to know about Dr Rathi. We feel doing the knee replacement surgery with him was the best decision we could have ever made! Such an excellent doctor and such a positive experience. Thank you Dr Romil Rathi. Will always be grateful.

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