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Hip Replacement Surgery In Nagpur

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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical operation within which the enarthrosis is replaced by a prosthetic implant, that is, a hip corrective. Hip replacement surgery may be performed as a complete replacement or a hemi replacement.

If your hip has been broken by inflammatory disease, a fracture, or alternative conditions, common activities like walking or entering into and out of a chair could also be painful and troublesome. Your hip could also be stiff, and it’s going to be laborious to place on your shoes and socks. you will even feel uncomfortable whereas resting.

If medications, changes in your everyday activities, and also the use of walking supports don’t adequately facilitate your symptoms, you will contemplate hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery may be a safe and effective procedure which will relieve your pain, increase motion, and assist you retreat to to enjoying traditional, everyday activities.


The hip is one amongst the body’s largest joints. it’s a ball-and-socket joint. The socket is made by the socket, that is an element of the pelvis bone. The ball is that the limb head, that is that the higher finish of the thighbone (thighbone). The bone surfaces of the ball and socket area unit coated with articulary gristle, a sleek tissue that cushions the ends of the bones and allows them to maneuver simply.

A thin tissue referred to as the tissue layer surrounds the enarthrosis. in a very healthy hip, this membrane makes atiny low quantity of fluid that lubricates the gristle and eliminates most friction throughout hip movement. Bands of tissue referred to as ligaments (the hip capsule) connect the ball to the socket and supply stability to the joint.

Risks of hip replacement surgery

Complications of a hip replacement will include:

hip dislocation

infection at the positioning of the surgery

injuries to the blood vessels or nerves

DVT (deep vein thrombosis)

a fracture within the bone round the hip replacement throughout or once the operation

differences in leg length

However, the danger of significant complications is low.

There’s additionally the danger that a synthetic enarthrosis will wear out sooner than expected or fail in a way. Some individuals could need revision surgery to repair or replace the joint.


The success of your surgery can rely in massive live on however well you follow your orthopedical surgeon’s directions relating to home care throughout the primary few weeks once surgery.

Pain Management

Medications area unit typically prescribed for short pain relief once surgery. many varieties of medicines area unit obtainable to assist manage pain, together with opioids, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug medicine (NSAIDs), analgesic, and native anesthetics. Your doctor could use a mix of those medications to enhance pain relief, in addition as minimize the requirement for opioids.

Be aware that, though opioids facilitate relieve pain once surgery, they’re a narcotic and may be habit-forming. Opioid dependency and o.d. became important public health problems within the U.S. it’s necessary to use opioids solely as directed by your doctor and to prevent taking them as shortly as your pain begins to enhance. discuss with your doctor if your pain has not begun to enhance among a couple of days of your surgery.

Wound Care

You may have stitches or staples running on your wound or a suture below your skin. The stitches or staples are removed more or less two weeks once surgery.

Avoid obtaining the wound wet till it’s completely sealed and dried. you will still bandage the wound to stop irritation from covering or support stockings.


Some loss of appetence is common for many weeks once surgery. A diet, typically with associate iron supplement, is vital to push correct tissue healing and restore muscle strength. take care to drink lots of fluids.


Exercise may be a important part of home care, significantly throughout the primary few weeks once surgery. you must be ready to resume most traditional light-weight activities of daily living among three to six weeks following surgery. Some discomfort with activity and at nighttime is common for many weeks.

Your activity program ought to include:

A graduated walking program — ab initio in your home and later outside — to slowly increase your quality,

Resuming alternative traditional house activities, like sitting, standing, and ascension stairs

Specific exercises many times daily to revive movement and strengthen your hip. you almost certainly are ready to perform the exercises while not facilitate, however you will have a healer assist you reception or in a very medical care center the primary few weeks once surgery

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