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Joint Replacement Surgeon In Nagpur

Joint pain is a common and frequently felt within the hands, feet, hips, knees, or spine. Pain is also constant or it will come back and go. generally the joint will feel stiff, achy, or sore. Some patients complain of a burning, throbbing, or “grating” sensation. additionally, the joint could feel stiff within the morning however relax and feel higher with movement and activity. However, an excessive amount of activity might build the pain worse.

Joint pain could have an effect on the perform of the joint, and might limit a person’s ability to try and do basic tasks. Severe joint pain will have an effect on the standard of life. Treatment ought to focus not solely on pain however additionally on the affected activities and functions.

What causes joint pain?

The most common causes of chronic pain in joints are:

Osteoarthritis, a standard style of inflammatory disease, happens over time once the animal tissue, the protecting cushion in between the bones, wears away. The joints become painful and stiff. degenerative joint disease develops slowly and frequently happens throughout time of life.

Rheumatoid arthritis could be a chronic illness that causes swelling and pain within the joints. usually the joints become ill-shapen (usually occurring within the fingers and wrists).

Gout could be a painful condition wherever crystals from the body collect within the joint, inflicting severe pain and swelling. This sometimes happens within the great toe.

Bursitis is caused by overuse. it’s sometimes found within the hip, knee, elbow, or shoulder.

Viral infections, rash, or fever could build joint movement painful.

Injuries, like broken bones or sprains

Tendinitis is Associate in Nursing inflammation of the tendons, or the versatile bands that connect bone and muscle. it’s usually seen within the elbow, heel, or shoulder and is sometimes caused by overuse.


Although there might not be a cure for the pain, it may be managed to bring the patient relief. generally the pain could flee by taking over-the-counter medication, or by playacting straightforward daily exercises. different times, the pain is also signal issues that may solely be corrected with prescription medication or surgery.

Simple at-home treatments, like applying a hot pad or ice on the affected space, is also counseled for brief periods, many times on a daily basis. Soaking in a very heat vessel might also supply relief.

Exercise will facilitate come back to strength and performance. Walking, swimming, or different low-impact aerobics is best. people who participate in strenuous physical exertions or sports activities may have to scale it back or begin a low-impact workout routine. light stretching exercises will facilitate. visit the doctor before starting or continued any exercise program.

Weight loss might also be prompt, if needed, to reduce strain on joints.

Acetaminophen, or medicament medicine (ibuprofen), could facilitate ease the pain. each of those medicines area unit on the market over the counter, however stronger doses may have a doctor’s prescription. If you’ve got a history of abdomen ulcers, renal disorder, or disease, visit your MD to envision if this can be an honest choice for you.

Topical treatments, like ointments or gels that may be rubbed into the heal the affected joint space, might also facilitate ease pain. a number of these is also found over the counter, or the doctor could write a prescription.

Dietary supplements, like glucosamine, could facilitate relieve pain. raise the doctor before taking any over-the-counter supplements.

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